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The official us army special forces sniper handbook. Police sniper training operational tactics swat training. The lefthanded firer can become a sniper, but all material in this book is referenced to the righthanded firer. Paladin press books list of books by author paladin press. Police sniper response to a public venue course by instructor. A typical military sniper will be moved to a leadership training role after 34 years, at which time his sole responsibility is to train and get his subordinates ready to attend their branch of. The focus is on urban operations and the unique challenges that urban terrain presents to the sniper and the tactical team. A veteran of the topsecret special forces covert operations unit macvsog. This workshop will train prospective and serving precision riflemen in tactics, techniques and procedures critical to the success of sniper and counter sniper operations. Laying the groundwork for a career as a sniper paladin press. The opta c international police sniper program, hosted by the henrico county police division, will be held july 610, 2020 in henrico county, virginia. It is a physically demanding course designed to teach the sniper to perform mentally and physically while under stress.

Fm 851 combat stress control in a theater of operations. Or, better yet, garner admittance to the navy seals sea, air, land special operations force sniper training program. He is the author of the books, swat operations and critical incidents. Police training on another level realworld tactical youtube. The official us army sniper training and operations. Sniper response tactics a criminal sniper is a person who uses sniper related tactics to commit murder. The intention is to enable them to quickly respond to a sniper threat, before swat arrives, by matching the criminal sniper s firepower and reach. Police sniper training and operations manual, wiisad books, 2008 snipers noteboo k, john simpson, simpsonian institute, 2009 snipercraft, laying the groundwork for a career as a police sniper, john simpson, looseleaf publications, 2019.

Fm 1910 military police law and order operations texts. This document is a framework of necessary annual content, hours and justification for a police sniper skills maintenance program. Free printable training targets, data book pages, and manuals. This course will cover psychological and physical requirements of the sniper.

Us army special operations sniper training and employment texts. This manual covers all aspects of being a sniper in arma 2. When john plasters the ultimate sniper was released in 1993, it was hailed as an instant classic in the sniping community, influencing an entire generation of military and police marksmen around the world. Hey, those guys go out and get to shoot off their belly and get a little extra trigger time.

This is a chance to learn police sniping from police snipers. This manual is organized as a reference for snipers and leads the trainer through the material needed to conduct sniper training. Participants will be trained in the areas of tactical precision shooting and observation skills. Remington arms has issued a recall for most rifles currently equipped with xmark pro triggers. The sniper operations manual, here after referred to as the som, is the. National tactical officers association ntoa training courses. An advanced training manual for military and police snipers updated and. Your source for precision rifle and sniper data books endorsed by us military and law enforcement snipers consistency equals accuracy. In one highprofile incident commonly referred to as the shot seen around the world due to going viral. Snipercraft offers one of the few data books designed by police snipers, for police snipers. Lessons learned from the vegas sniper attack training. There is fierce debate on whether the usmc or the seals offer the best sniper. The decision is made by your command staff to end the hostile situation that started several hours ago and you have been behind your rifle looking through the scope observing, gathering information, and relaying the information back to the command post.

Training that focuses on the theoretical average distance of 70 yards needs to be changed to incorporate both closer and more distant targets. Publications operational tactics swat training, sniper training. This intense program prepares law enforcement snipers for emergency response operations and surveillance details that require observation and concealment techniques. This 5day course builds on the foundation provided by basic sniper instruction and takes a basic sniper marksman to the next level of training and proficiency. Police sniping missions and operations sniper training. The basic sniper course is designed for new or inexperienced snipers with the primary focus being the training and operation of a police sniper in an urban environment. An active shooter walks among his victims, shooting them at close range. Police units that are unequipped for tactical operations may rely on a specialized swat team, which may have a dedicated sniper. Marines division schools camp pendleton advanced sniper course, military operations urban terrain, helicopter rope suspension training, and range safety officer. It is intended for use by commanders, staffs, trainers, snipers, and soldiers at training posts, army schools, and units. Optac international swat training, sniper training. Snipers generally have specialized training and are equipped with highprecision rifles and highmagnification optics, and often feed tactical information back to their units or command headquarters. Operational tactics swat training, sniper training, hostage. The official us army sniper training and operations manual by u s army, 9781976142680, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide.

The art of the police sniper, riding the recoil and staring at the crosshairs, and is a contributing author to the training manual, police sniper training and operations. Advanced sniper observer team operations course asotoc marianna, fl 711 hostage negotiations, phase iii by patc. We structure training to fit the needs of the client. In addition to dozens of magazine articles, he is the author of several books. Bartlett is also the president of the american sniper association. Moreover, this document offers greater insight for those who want to understand the role and way a sniper thinks and operates how they provide a unique skill set to benefit the team. This is all valuable documentation for operations, training and court. Special operations target interdiction course soticspecial operations forces sniper course basic. This sets him apart from a law enforcement or military sniper. Storm tactical free downloads, targets, sniper rifle.

What law enforcement needs to know about criminal snipers. Company d, 2nd batt, 1st special warfare training group. Army special operations target interdiction course book. This item is a dvdr or cdrom disc that contains digital, pdf copies of 80 military books related to sniper training, marksmanship training, and special operations. However, exciting as that may sound, unless the agency is willing to buy the right equipment and commit to providing the additional and ongoing training necessary for these officers to be able to. The basic sniper course is designed for new or entry level law enforcement police snipers and explains the difference between the military and police sniper, with the primary focus being the training and operation of a police sniper in an urban environment. The police sniper school is designed to prepare law enforcement snipers for emergency response operations and surveillance operations that would require observation and concealment techniques. Police sniper training and operations covers the basics, as they apply to police snipers. Army special operations target interdiction course. Students must also pass a written test to become certified as a law enforcement sniper.

The ultimate sniper is targeted to both police and military snipers. Teaches advanced police oriented sniping techniques proven through use by the hrt. This dvdr or cdrom will only work on your computer or laptop. All orders must be accompanied by a current id, or be submitted on agency letterhead. Fm 842 combat health support in stability operations and support operations. The entire list of 80 pdf books is listed above in the photo gallery. The optac international police sniper program, hosted by the greeley police dept. Police sniper response to a public venue four 4 day course our police sniper response to a public venue course psrpv course is designed to teach the experienced police sniper how to provide proactive overwatch protection to any public venue where large amounts of people attend, and that could possibly be, a target of a domestic or international attack. Written in clear, unpretentious prose, the book covers robert oneills montana childhood, seal training and his 400mission career.

Swat team and let them be behind everyone else on tactical operations. Modular sniper data book range estimation offset refill sheets. Asas survey reveals that many police sniper training programs and training exercises should be modified to prepare officers for the reality of sniper operations. Stuart has written an insightful book capturing the many challenges and oftendiscussed topics related to law enforcement critical incidents and swat operations. Police basic sniper training mississippi law enforcement. This section is purposely brief, not because there isnt much to learn about law enforcement sniping operations, but because i cannot disclose much here without placing both law officers and possible hostages in jeopardy. Meyers stuart meyers is the chief executive officer of optac international, inc. Also included in the curriculum is an overview of swat training topics including selection and testing, training issues and liability, national swat standards and critical. Preparation of a sniper should begin before he responds to a callout. The official us army sniper training and operations manual. Apr 11, 2015 advocate staff photo by bill feig brpd sniper team leader, sgt. Now this revolutionary book has been completely updated and expanded for the 21st.

Urban operations for the law enforcement police sniper class. Nunn, co 1418 hostage negotiations and crisis intervention, phase i and ii by patc. Operational tactics, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the educational needs of law enforcement and military agencies around the world. Police snipers placed in vantage points, such as high buildings, can provide security for events. Learn about new products from emergency training associates. A criminal sniper incident differs from an active shooter in one significant detail.

In january 2000, michael conti was tasked by then superintendent of the massachusetts state police to organize, staff, and train the first fulltime firearms training unit. On the job training included courses with lapd swat, the u. The ultimate training manual for police snipers american sniper association, derrick d. Some police sniper operations begin with military assistance. Army special forces, the orange county sheriffs department tactical training center, and from u. An advanced training manual for military and police.

As the weapon hunter host paul shull learns, training to become a sniper requires mastering the art of hiding in plain sight. This and other asa position letters are posted on the website. But the strength of this book is that it goes much further. Jul 22, 2014 onto the next part of why your sniper teams could be better. Low light operations, fieldcraft, data book documentation and numerous courses of fire are included during the week of training. For those who it is written for its one of the best books on the subject.

During the creation of the unit, michael conti developed a firearms training program specifically geared to preparing police officers for the realities of the lethal force. Fm 8106 medical evacuation in a theater of operations. The course begins with classroom topics covering the role of the sniper on a swat team, ballistics and use of force considerations. Operational tactics swat training, sniper training. Tacflows director of sniper training, mark lang, has led his team of instructors to provide onsite sniper training at 23 stadiums and arenas in the united states and canada, training more than.

Now this revolutionary book has been completely updated and expanded for the 21st century. A police snipers conduct was objectively reasonable, and neither the officer nor the city was liable for killing the deceased. The procedures, drills, and techniques outlined in this book are intended for. He is also the president of the american sniper association, and serves on the advisory boards of several other tactical organizations. They are from various law enforcement agencies to properly utilize highpowered precision rifles. The focus of this training will be on preincident training, planning, organizing, and the tactical decisionmaking process used in the resolution of highrisk operations. Jeff williams, left, talks about the differences in the rifles as special operations unit commander capt. The focus is on urban operations and the unique challenges that urban terrain presents to the sniper and the. Advanced sniper training security solutions international.

Military manuals pdf survival training and classes, sere. Sniper training matrix content and hours after graduating from a comprehensive police sniper school, sniper team members must receive ongoing training yearround to maintain their operational readiness. Advanced sniper training this download has 50 manuals, reports and books that supply advanced training for a military sniper, including sniper ballistics, bullet choices, logs, sniper weapon and training manuals. The course begins with classroom topics covering the role of the sniper on. The course will cover deployment of the precision rifle, legal issues, weapons maintenance, shooting known and unknown distance targets, ranging, camouflage, cover and concealment and many. An advanced training manual for military and police snipers 9781581604948 by john l.

We specialize in the fields of police sniper training, swat operations, tactical team policy and training, and publications. Some bad guys can afford the price of this book, so id just as soon keep them guessing as to how exacdy a police tac team would handle them. Fm 7100 opposing force doctrinal framework and strategy. The older, senior member of the team who is just not quite ready to leave but would like a reduced or perceived easier role and views the role of the police sniper as just that.

The law enforcement guide to todays urban violence. Onto the next part of why your sniper teams could be better. Subjects include equipment, weapon capabilities, fundamentals of marksmanship and ballistics, field skills, mission planning, and skill sustainment. The 4day law enforcement sniper training course is designed to train specially selected individuals.

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