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Please enjoy malachis special recitation of i am the black child by mychal wynn. A performance of hey black child for black history month and an explanation of who the real author of the poem is. Hey black child useni eugene perkins hey black child, do you know who you are. Hey black child do you know you are strong i mean really strong do you know you can do what you want to do if you try to do what you can do. Hey black child do you know who you are who you really are do you know you can be what you want to be if you try to be what you can be hey black child. Hey black child do you know who you are who you really are do you know you can be what you.

Useni eugene perkins may be the most famous chicago poet youve. Be who you are, and be proud of the person youre becoming. Profile of useni eugene perkins, a chicago poet whose bestknown work, the 40 year old poem hey black child, has become a staple in. Hey black child is a poem that seeks to encourage black children that they can be whatever they dream to be. The song takes form around the prolific poem hey black child, written in 1965 by useni eugene perkins, thus carrying on and furthering the tradition of powerful. Hey black child performed for black history month chicagonow. Countee cullen from the story poetry by wethebelievers curlyheadedweirdo with,247 reads. This empowering poem about inspiring black children was written by useni eugene perkins in 1975. Ypsilanti 5 year old recites hey black child poem youtube. It is to give them a sense of belief in themselves despite a word that often does not show their beauty and brilliance. Ziare gunn, 5, recites hey black child by useni eugene perkins on wednesday, feb. Hey black child be what you can be learn what you must learn do what you can do and tomorrow your nation will be what you what it to be. This poem is especially powerful when performed by a talented and confident young black child like petehn raighnkem the little girl reciting the poem in the video.

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